9th Wonder & Murs

Murs On Stage At Rock The Bells

This blog’s name is inspired by a line from Murs. On the first track of his third album with producer 9th Wonder, Sweet Lord, Murs says something like, “Welcome to the hip hop pizza party, ice cream social in hip hop history.”

That line sums up what this blog is about.

This blog is a review and celebration of the happenings in the hip hop world.

I, Alex Benson, am the sole controller of this blog and write all the content. Although still a college student, I have some journalism experience under my belt. All of them have been internships. Mainly for Sacramento, California’s Midtown Monthly and the Sacramento News & Review. Currently, I write for Loyola University Chicago’ student newspaper, The Phoenix.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and love hip hop as much as I do.

Have something to say to me? Hit me up at abenson1@luc.edu

Header Photograph by Tyler Curtis at Wikimedia Commons

Photograph of 9th Wonder and Murs at Rock the Bells by Flowizm at Wikimedia Commons


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