Top 5 Hip Hop Replacements For Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Dude Kinda Looks Like A Lady

Will he? Won’t he? Who knows. In recent days Steven Tyler has said he is quitting Aerosmith and now he isn’t. What is going on? Well awhile ago Joe Perry said they were going to look for replacements if Tyler did leave the band. That got me to thinking… who in the hip hop world could replace Steven Tyler? Here are my top 5 candidates.

5. Black Thought of The Roots

Normally I wouldn’t go for Black Thought, but after the release of The Roots‘ new single “How I Got Over” and his work on Jimmy Fallon‘s show I am thinking differently. On The Roots new track, Thought sings most of the track in a soft crooning voice. Very impressive to say the least. And on Jimmy Fallon, Thought “slow jams” the news by signing about today’s important issues. By show casing his vocal skills, I think Though would fit in just fine belting out “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.”

Below is a video with The Roots’ “How I Got Over”

4. Lil Wayne

I said I was going to Wayne a break for awhile but I can’t. But I think Wayne would bring a totally different audience to see the dinosaurs-I mean- Aerosmith. Lil Wayne has also made it clear he wants to make his way into the rock world, with his upcoming (and much delayed) album Rebirth taking a heavy rock influence. What better way to break into the rock world than joining an already successful rock band? Nothing.

Below is a video for Lil Wayne’s video for “Lollipop”

3. Run DMC

Now this one kind of makes sense. Run DMC helped save Aerosmith’s career in the mid-eighties and the song the two groups did together, “Walk This Way.” The track also aided in bringing rap into the fore front of American pop culture. So couldn’t they do it again? But this time without Steven Tyler. I can see DMC and Run jumping around on stage belting out “Dude Looks Like A Lady.” I really can.

Below the Run DMC and Aerosmith collaboration of “Walk This Way”

2. Ghostface Killah

I already wrote a post about how I think Ghostface might be the next big advice columnist, but I could see him taking Steven Tyler’s place. Both entertainers are other worldly in a sense and larger than life. I think that Ghostface wears more gold and fur than Tyler, but that isn’t a problem. I don’t have too many other reasons why Ghostface would be an awesome front man, he just would. Look at him. What can’t that man do?

Below video for Ghostface’s “Back Like That”

1. Lil Jon

Can’t you just see Aerosmith coming out on stage while all the lights are down. The band takes their places readying their respective instruments. The band begins to play slowly, then a glimmer of light shines on the stage. A cup with CRUNK spelled in diamond illuminates the stage as the band begins to play “Sweet Emotions.” Right before the verse kicks in Lil Jon lets out his signature “Yeah!” Can’t you see it? I can. This would do so much good for both parties. Lil Jon would come to back to the spot light and Aerosmith would receive more press than ever. And how fun would it be to see Lil Jon and Aerosmith on stage together?

Below is a video for Lil Jon’s “Get Low”

Photo of Steven Tyler by Evan Agostini/AP Images


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