Lil Wayne Drops “No Ceilings” Mixtape and Gets in Legal Trouble

Lil Wayne and Baby

Lil Wayne and Baby Laughing it Up

Yes, more Lil Wayne news to share. It seems like this guy is everywhere. Totally unavoidable. Anyway, over the weekend Lil Wayne released his No Ceilings mixtape to the world. Although the album leaked a couple days early, Wayne insisted it wasn’t finished and the real version would be released on it’s intended date of Halloween.

I downloaded the leaked version and have also downloaded the real version. It seems to me that Wayne was buffing because the mixtapes are extremely similar. Just a few different tracks.

The mixtape is alright, not one of Wayne’s best, but still pretty dope. It is frustrating to hear the same shit over and over again though. Vagina this, I fuck women that and “young money” every other line. Wayne needs to step his mixtape game up. He can too. I feel that Wayne has the power to say some really cool and important shit, but I don’t he has realized it yet.

While Wayne was dropping mixtapes, a dude in Florida was dropping lawsuits. This dude in the sunshine state claims that Wayne and Baby for using his voice on one of his records. Like Wayne needs any more legal problems.

Maybe it’s time for Lil Wayne to lay low for awhile.

Video for Lil Wayne’s “A Mili”

Photo of Lil Wayne and Baby by Matt Sayles/AP Images


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