5 Hip Hop Songs About The “Balloon Boy”

Balloon Boy

Falcon Heene Looks For His Balloon.

Last week something unusual enfolded on CNN. A large sliver balloon flew over Colorado. No one was sure what it was or who had released it as the craft floated in the breeze details emerged. It was apparently released by a boy who’s parents are amateur scientists. Rumors flew about where the boy was who released the balloon. His younger brother said he saw him climb in before take off.

It turned out the boy, Falcon Heene, wasn’t in the balloon and the whole thing was a stunt. This was all  Orchestrated by his parents in order land a reality TV show. If you want more of the story you can read about it here.

Anyway, I though it would be interesting to ponder if the family didn’t get a TV show, but a movie, what hip hop tracks would show up on the soundtrack?

Here are my top 5:

5. Little Brother- Hiding Place

Everyone thought the kid was in the balloon. Turns out he was just hiding in the attic. North Carolina’s own, Little Brother, has a song for that.

4. Three 6 Mafia- Stay Fly

For more than an hour that sliver balloon floated across Colorado. Talk about staying fly. Wrong kind of fly though, but I still think it applies. Although the Oscar winners, Three 6 Mafia, are talking about a different of fly and talk about drugs, this song applies.

3. Lupe Fiasco- Superstar

The Heene family thought this balloon stunt would land them a reality TV show. Exactly how a sliver balloon gets you a TV show, I am not sure. But the family hoped the show would bring the superstardom. Lupe Fiasco‘s track off The Cool speaks of fame.

2. Kanye West- Spaceship

The balloon set off by the Heene family was circular, sliver and rather large. Without further study of the object, it appeared to be some alien space craft. Although Kanye is talking about leaving a difficult world on “Spaceship”, I am almost positive the Heene family wishes they could get on a spaceship and fly away from there in legal troubles.

1. Nas- Made You Look

America and the world has been fooled. The balloon stunt was just that a stunt. It was all a hoax. The Heene family had us all looking to the skies. Looks like April fools came early this year. Nas‘s classic will play perfectly in the movie version of this ordeal. As the family announcing it was a stunt “Made You Look” would play then the credits would roll.

Hopefully this “balloon boy” non sense blows over quickly. No pun intended.

Photo of Falcon Heene by David Zalubowski/ AP Images


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