“We Were Once A Fairytale”A Short Film By Kanye West and Spike Jonze

Kanye West Head Down

Kanye! Watch Out For Stomach Demons!

There is no getting around it, this bit of cinema is strange. Awhile back Spike Jonze director of Where the Wild Things Are, announced he would direct a short film starring Kanye West. The film was to be coupled with West’s “See You In My Nightmares” track off of his 808s and Heartbreak album. The film was supposed to be released via iTunes on September 8th of this year, but never did.

Well today the video leaked online and it can be found here:

Isn’t that shit weird? I am not sure how I feel about it. Kanye West has been known for making somewhat cinematic music videos, but I don’t know what to call this. It seems to me Kanye West is trying really hard to be pretentious and called Jonze for a pretentious helping hand.

It’s not the first time the two artists have worked together. Spike Jonze directed the video for West’s “Flashing Lights.” You can check that one out here:

So what do you think of Kanye West’s short?

Photo Of Kanye West: Jack Plunkett/ AP Images


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