MTV’s Top 10 Hottest MCs In The Game

Last week MTV released the full list of thier top 10 hottest MCs in the hip hop game.

Click through this slide show to find out who earned spots ten to five:

This slide show will show who made spots four through one:

I am not sure who decided which artists made the list and where they were ranked. I know in previous years the list was decided by a committee of hip hop experts. The list seems pretty legit to me. I only have a few gripes.

Although I like Drake a great deal and what he has released recently, why is he number three? Isn’t that a little high for an artist who hasn’t released an album with a major label yet? But then again, the kid did move about a zillion free copies of his So Far Gone mixtape with little to no marketing.

Along the same lines, why is Kanye that high? I don’t think Kanye’s immediate work earn the number four spot. After 808s and Heartbreak, I think Kanye should have fallen in the five to ten spots.

Props to Raekwon for cracking the top ten. After Only Bulit 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2, I think the Chef deserves Fabolous’s spot.

Are You A Superstar?

Are You A Superstar?

One person wasn’t happy with the list. Chicago’s own, Lupe Fiasco released a new track, “Fire” in response to the rankings. Fiasco says the list isn’t a diss and that he is using the list of motivation to “just start wrecking shit on a frequent basis.”

Photo Credits for slide show with 10-5 left to right: Rama/Wikicommons, Ennio Leanza/Keystone/AP Images, Tina Fineberg/ AP Images, Peter Kramer/ AP Images, Ric Feld/ AP Images, Jim Cooper/ AP Images.

Photo Credits for slideshow 4-1 left to right: Damian Dovarganes/ AP Images, Peter Kramer/ AP Images, Hector Mata/ AP Images, Matt Sayles/ AP Images.

Lupe Fiasco Photo: Steve Ruark/ AP Images


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