Fabolous Not In Car Accident. Instead Fears Poisoning


Fabolous Blinged Out

This past weekend Brooklyn rapper, Fabolous, cleared rumors about his emergency hospital visit this weekend via twitter. Fabolous thanked his followers for the out pouring of support he received after car accident rumors surfaced. Loso apparently felt ill to the point of nearly passing out while driving this weekend . After nearly passing out and veering of the road, the rapper doesn’t remember much else.

He then woke up in the hospital and was OK’d for release by the doctors to continue his weekend. Fabolous did so, but not before making some lofty allegations about his aliment again via twitter, “Believed I was poisoned so I checked in & was given medical treatment..a lil sedated so I didn’t tweet but was released 2 go late last nite.”

Poisoned? I don’t think Fabolous knows what he is talking about. This spell of illness could have easily come from a bad egg salad sandwich or a funky burrito. I highly doubt anyone would go to enough trouble to poison Fabolous. Think about all the work involved in poisoning someone; getting poison, plotting and etc.

But then again, someone might want to bring an end to Fabolous’s career so he can stop making music like “Throw It In The Bag.”

What Do You Think?

Original Story via hiphopdx.com

Photo- Jason DeCrow/ AP Images


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