Jay-Z’s 11th Number One Album

Matt Sayles/AP Images

Jay-Z Preforms At Madison Square Garden

Jay-Z released his third installment of his Blueprint album series last week with The Blueprint 3. (I reviewed it for the latest issue of The Loyola Phoenix) Nielsen Soundscan is reporting Jay’s latest sold a some what weak 476,000 copies, but still launched Jay to the top of the charts.

With The Blueprint 3 premiering at the top spot, this marks Jay-Z’s 11th number 1 album, breaking his tie with Elvis Presley for the most number one albums of any solo artist ever, in the history of the universe.

Only one other artist or group has had more number one records and they go by the name, The Beatles. Whoa. Is Jay in the same ranks as The Beatles? Does this mean Jay will get his own rock band video game? To quote Biggie, “Whoever thought hip hop would make it this far.”

This is fantastic news. This record breaking release might mean hip hop is closer to being considered a legitimate genre of  music by more of the world’s population. Jay’s success also means the MC is out of his post retirement slump. But can you really call American Gangster a slump? Probably not, but it looks like Jay is here to stay.

Well done Jay. Props to you. Lets hope this album is another  in a line of 11 more number ones.

Jay-Z on Letterman from the September 9th Show

Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Images


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