Fabolous Involved In Lamborghini Theft?

Fabolous With Some Lofty Jewlery On

Well kind of. The news this weekend is that Fabolous and/or his crew were possibly involved with the theft of a unique Lamborghini. The theft was alleged happened in January of this year at the InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia. At first there was little evidence to muster up any suspects, but now surveillance tape video has surfaced showing Loso leaving the hotel with his crew and members of the crew receiving keys to the luxury car.

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West Coast Wednesday

Today’s edition of West Coast Wednesday is double. I heard this song on my ipod when I was heading to school and thought it was fitting.

After Ice Cube left NWA he went solo and did quite well. Below are two videos for some of Cube’s biggest hits, “It Was A Good Day” and “Check Yo Self.” Unknown to me until now, it looks like the videos for tracks play together like a mini movie. Dope. Enjoy.

Although Cube is on and doing other things, like movies. Both of this songs are West Coast anthems.

Below Videos for Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day” and “Check Yo Self”:

Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Jay-Z In Action Tomorrow

Lil Wayne In Black N White

Lil Wayne Showing Some Love

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty big day in hip hop. There is a lot happening. To make it easier for everyone I am going to break it down in list form and highlight what I think are the three biggest news items.

1. Documentary on Lil Wayne is released on DVD tomorrow.

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Murs+Atmosphere+Aesop Rock= Felt 3 A Tribute to Rosie Perez

Slug and Ant don't like you.

Slug and Ant Don't Like You

Theeereeeeeeee baaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ladies and gentleman come Tuesday underground hip hop’s super group, Felt, return!. The group’s third album, A Tribute to Rosie Perez, will be produced by another underground don, Aesop Rock. The group’s other two albums, A Tribute to Christina Ricci and A Tribute to Lisa Bonet, we extremely well done and sold pretty well. This time around things are going to be a bit different.

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Top 5 Hip Hop Replacements For Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Dude Kinda Looks Like A Lady

Will he? Won’t he? Who knows. In recent days Steven Tyler has said he is quitting Aerosmith and now he isn’t. What is going on? Well awhile ago Joe Perry said they were going to look for replacements if Tyler did leave the band. That got me to thinking… who in the hip hop world could replace Steven Tyler? Here are my top 5 candidates.

5. Black Thought of The Roots

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West Coast Wednesday

Today’s West Coast Wednesday jam is by a rapper who fell too soon, 2Pac. Personally, I am not a big fan of Pac or LA. In fact I hate nearly everything Los Angeles, but for some strange reason I am attracted to this song.

2pac’s video for “To Live and Die in L.A.”:

Murs Talks About New 9th Wonder and Felt Albums

I found this one over at nahright.com. This is video is gold if you are a massive Murs fan like myself. In this video Murs talks about his fourth album with one of hip hop’s best producers, 9th Wonder. The LA MC also chats about a third Felt album.

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